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Usually people visit your website, look at a few things surfs around a little but winds up leaving, the common answers are that they will not be returning in the near future, especially if there are no interesting reasons to return. Especially since most people behave impulsive and random when surfing on the Internet, in such a way that by the time 10 to 15 minutes go by we cant remember what websites we'd been at. It takes place all the time, just think about it, how many times have you don't exactly the same thing?

But if you do not impress your visitor the first time, the final outcome is that your visitor may not come back to your site ever again. If you end up losing the interest of 500 or even more visitors that barely hang in there to visit your website, they end up leaving rather than return again because you didn't give them a reason to stay long enough to figure out what you have to give you. Now cant you imagine all that potential income you have just lost by not keeping them interested, simply because they decide not to return. With a little tweaking aimed at your website and tactics you could have converted those visitors into subscribers.

Most online marketers hound and remind you that creating new and different submissions are the important thing to keeping visitors on your site or attempting to return to visit, but frequently generally completely unique content isn't the complete solution you should be searching for. The actual, future holding solution really is in converting these potential customers into subscribers of the e-mailing list. After they subscribe, theoretically you should have them forever. Even though creating unique content and posting it on blogs, websites, articles site, etc could be a great way of getting traffic and can potentially make your money, adding to your email lists can potentially cause you to much more money. By developing a landing page and capturing their email prior to redirecting these to the particular site, results in a potential long term customer. If they like that which you have to offer, you can keep emailing them your offers or products you suggest and make a commission from a sale. So potentially every time you email out an item or recommendation you'll make a sale.


So what you must do is grab your visitors attention prior to them deciding to leave so they will fill in their name and email address to sign up for your mailing list. You do this with your link inside your article or content that directs to a landing or landing page where they'd need to complete this information first prior to going anywhere else. Whenever you request your visitor's email address and name they will come in in a section to include information just before clicking enter, your button should say free gift or register now or anything you want your opt in button to state. Their information is saved for you and when in case they forget where they found you or aren't able to find you again, you will have an email ready for them within their inbox to visit your site. Also if they think if all they are doing is need to add their name and email address into a page to obtain something in exchange, they are likely to give that information for you. Maybe offer a free download just before sending these to the site, this tactic converts well.

Make sure your website landing page is compelling and interesting and offers to provide a means to fix some problem, but ensure that promise will be met on the inside of your offer. You want to try to build a relationship with your visitors before they can get the first email of your stuff.